At times I have felt overwhelmed, anxious and depressed with many sudden changes and found Naomi online, as I felt she looked easy to ‘talk to’. Naomi has a relaxed yet structured style, which helps you clearly identify areas in your lifestyle that need working on and I was able to implement these useful coping strategies. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

After a period of ill health, it transpired that I was suffering from depression, which was a shock and disappointment to someone who thought they would never fall into the category of mental illness. I was fortunate to find Naomi. She is friendly and she listened, which helped me to relax. Naomi showed understanding for my situation, and as our sessions continued my general health has improved. Now at the age of 77 I have a new lease of life.

“Naomi has great empathy and perception and asks just the right questions at the right time. We explored my relationship with my father and the effect that that was having on both personal and work interactions, which I found enlightening and allowed me to handle situations better.”

I have seen a number of therapists, but with Naomi I am finally tapping into issues that I have never dealt with or truly understood. She is kind, extremely empathetic, yet challenging when she needs to be, allowing me to identify, and to take steps to address, deeply embedded patterns. I feel like I am only now beginning to understand myself. She is an excellent listener, and through our sessions, I have begun to show compassion towards myself. I highly recommend her.

Naomi promptly contacted me back the same day & I found her communication quick, clear & uncomplicated at each stage of discussion. Organising a first meet was an easy decision & action.

Naomi is a fantastic counsellor who has helped me turn my life around. With her support, patience and empathetic approach, I have gone from every aspect of my daily life being affected by anxiety, to only the occasional moment. She has also helped me build a bank of strategies for coping if my anxiety levels do increase. I can’t recommend her enough.

“Naomi’s calming pragmatism really helps bring clarity to what can otherwise be so overwhelming and confusing in life. We all need somebody who can help us see through the mist we ourselves are unable to penetrate, and Naomi is such a person. No judgement, no expectation, just calm guidance.”

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