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I have many years of experience working with bereavement and, as a counsellor, I am increasingly aware that ‘loss’ occurs in many different ways.

When people suffer relationship break-ups, divorce, career changes, retirement, empty nests, illness and disability to name a few, there can be the same feelings of hopelessness, loss of identity, loss of purpose and future. Put simply: “This is not how it was meant to be!”. I have worked with a full range of adults, both individually and in groups, from young to more elderly. I am aware that depression, anxiety, confusion and lack of direction can occur at any age and any time of life.

I have a particular interest in relationships, both past and present. Our relationship difficulties can affect confidence and happiness, and can be present within families, friendships and in the work place. I offer a space to explore these challenges, whether working with the bereaved, with people struggling with their relationships, or with couples that would like a neutral space to explore their relationship difficulties together.

I have experience of working with areas such as anxiety, depression or sleep difficulties. I work in a variety of ways in these areas. I endeavour to find the best way of meeting the needs of clients, whether that is offering empathic, non-judgemental listening and a space to explore what is going on, or a more proactive, solution focused way of encouraging self-support and strategies.

My background in teaching has given me an increased insight into the demands of family life, the pressures and stress that supporting children can bring, and the strains this can put on relationships.

I am open to working with clients for different lengths of time, and am guided by clients’ wishes. Short term work of about two or three sessions might be all someone requires or wants. Some people like to have a set of sessions for slightly longer, perhaps six to twelve. I am also experienced with longer term work of a year or more. With regular reviews, we can work out together what will work best for you. I see my role as being alongside a client for ‘part of their journey’, for as long as they find the work useful and supportive.

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